Fitted furniture

We can make a wide variety of fitted furniture including shelving units, bookcases, alcove units, tv and media units. Our vast experience in designing and producing many different styles and finishes means we can create your vision in both style and practicality.

Media units

Media units house all your audio visual components and are built to be highly functional and look really good by creating a feature in your room.

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We can create a wide variety of furniture that will suit any style home and provide form, function and durability.

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Alcove and shelving units

Luxurious alcove and shelving units made in any style and shape to complement whatever home décor required.

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When designing furniture it is important to use space effectively, we have been asked to create furniture that is a statement piece and holds the attention of the room and also furniture that compliments the already existing décor all of which can be designed and achieved through your vision.