Our Story

I started my business career running a successful furniture company and from here I realised how much waste even a small business created and that the majority of it was sent to landfill. Fuelling my passion for creating a more sustainable approach to making Kitchens and Furniture and I began this venture - Little Earth.

We are a small company based a mile outside the beautiful town of Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. Our workshop is situated among impressive fields and woodland making it perfectly located for a sustainable viewpoint.

Little Earth’s outlook is to be as sustainable as possible and we are constantly striving for new ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Whether a new material that has better sustainable properties, a new way of doing something i.e. skype consultations rather than driving to customers properties or a new joinery technique that uses less machinery time. If it will reduce the impact we are having on the earth we will do it.

As a leading sustainable Kitchen and Furniture company we figured that for every tree we use in production, we will plant another to replace it and keep a long-lasting supply of natural products for future generations. By choosing us you are not only receiving quality but doing your bit to save the planet.