Shaker wardrobes

Shaker Wardrobes

Its timeless shaker design is the perfect accompaniment to any interior style, clean lines, and bold colours work in harmony to create individuality in each wardrobe. With its simple unadorned profile and desirable character. Beaded finishes and unique details can experimented with to create some truly unique designs.

Contemporary Beaded Shaker Wardrobe

This shaker wardrobe uses the traditional beaded shaker style with a modern twist that works perfect in the architecture of the room.

Plain Shaker Wardrobe

These tall wardrobes are designed to be plain and simple, with the beauty and simplicity of the cupboards create a centrepiece for the room.

Hague Blue Wardrobes & Shelving

Bold colours creates a dramatic, atmospheric charm and the birch-wood interior complements the colour marvellously.

Full Room Shaker

These wardrobes wrap around the room provide ample storage and a beautiful ambience when you walk in.

Simple Shaker

Again the simple design of these wardrobes works in harmony creating a mellow, peaceful atmosphere.

Beautifully Finished

This shaker is simple in design and finished with e lovely cornice at the top that adds just enough detail.

Minimal Details

For a clean crisp look go for minimal detail on your shaker doors.