Walk in wardrobes

Walk In Wardrobes

Walk in wardrobes allow you to find your clothes easily, store them neatly and keep everything from shoes, bags, hats and ties ordered and on hand. The first thing to decide when considering walk in closet ideas is how to create the most functional space possible and we are here to help with decisions like these.

Large Oak Walk In

This wardrobe breaths elegance, with ample storage for clothes, shoes and drawer space. The raw oiled oak creates a finish that is delightful to look at and will last for years to come.

Plywood Wardrobe

Here well organised, clean open storage creates a contemporary mood and a perfect place to neatly hide away clothes after a long day at work.

Dark Finish Walk In

Clean lines make this wardrobe blend perfectly into the room and provides a calming effect through the atmospheric choices of colour.